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I am trying to integrate facebook connect to all my websites. 
For example I have a website called example.com and many sub domains 
   swiss.example.com and so on. 
My objective was to use the same App ID to all the websites. 
Well I did find, as long as the base URL is the same 
(i.e in my case example.com) we can use the same App Id for all 
the websites. So I put example.com in my Site URL and the remaining domain 
names in the App Domains field. But when I compile the code, the fb connect works 
only for the Site URL and not the App domains. BTW I am using the example in this
following link, 

http://thinkdiff.net/facebook/new-javascript-sdk-oauth-2-0-based-fbconnect-tutorial/ Kindly Let me know if someone knows the solution for this.

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Answering my own question.

  • The issue was I was using localhost for testing(localhost doesn't work).
  • And also include all the domains with the base URL being the same in the APP domain field to get them working.


Replace the above URL with your client id and the site url to check if it works rather than implementing FB JS SDK code in your site.

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