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I am working with Excel 2003 and trying to find the total of individual criteria. I am currently using this formula and it is working successfully.

Data A1:G1776 is the the database --- Data C1 - is the column that has what I want total --- and F4:F5 is a column where I set up a the criteria for the line to match.


The problem I am running into is that the file size is over 5MB, which is huge when you are trying to email it to other people.

Any suggestions how I can replicate that formula, while decrease the file size and also improving the speed of the document? I am not wishing to use a Pivot Table


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A replacement for DSUM, you could use a sumproduct formula:


The above example creates a total of column C only including rows where: Column A are "boys and column B is greater than 18. The example assumes that row 1 is a header row.

For speeding up calculations you could use VBA to enable calculation of indvidual sheets.

VBA for enabling calculation:

Public Sub enableCalc(ParamArray sheetsInUse())
  Dim i As Integer
  For i = 0 To UBound(sheetsInUse) Step 1
      sheetsInUse(i).EnableCalculation = True
  Next i
End Sub

Called using: enableCalc activeworkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1") Which would enable calculation Sheet1 in the activeworkbook

VBA for disabling calculation for all sheets in workbook:

Public Sub finishedUse(wrkbook As Workbook)
Dim i As Integer
Dim wrkSheet As Worksheet
For Each wrkSheet In wrkbook.Worksheets
wrkSheet.EnableCalculation = False
Next wrkSheet
End Sub

Called using: finishedUse activeworkbook Which would disable calculation of all the sheets in the activeworkbook.

The above method isnt effected by changing Automatic/Manual Calculation in Tools --> Options

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