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I run a local version of my Web Form in visual studio 2010 with the Ajax File Upload control.

I test by uploading a file and writing the e.fileName, e.fileSize, etc. to a database, and then using a GridView to download the file later.

My issue is this: when I write the e.fileName to the database, it gives me the entire path of the file (i.e. "C:\Folder\filename.xls") as the files name.

Advice on correcting this would be greatly appreciated.

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You could use Path.GetFileName in System.IO:

string justTheName = Path.GetFileName(e.fileName);

And then pass "justTheName" to the database.

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I had made this change, and it works great! This seems to apply just for writing on the database from a local build/debug of my code. The problem persists when I put this code on the IIS in its virtual folder (i.e. the file name is still 'C:\folder\filename.xls') Thanks for your response but the issue is no longer on my local build but is still being applied when it runs from the server build. –  central Jul 30 '12 at 20:18
@central Ah, good catch. According to this answer, it might be more beneficial (in your development environment) to use Server.MapPath to get the real path, then use Path.GetFileName. Something like string justTheName = Path.GetFileName(Server.MapPath(e.fileName)); –  jadarnel27 Jul 30 '12 at 20:38

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