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How can I get latitude and longitude from place where I tap/click on the map ?

I found example using GeoCoordinate class but it was sample from Win 7 mobile and this class does not exists in Win 8 Metro

I found the Geocoordinate class but it is totaly diffrent and also I can't convert my map to this class like in sample

My sample from Win 7 looks like this

Point p = e.GetPosition(this.MapMain);
GeoCoordinate geo = new GeoCoordinate();
geo = MapMain.ViewportPointToLocation(p);

As for now I've created new project, added bing map and set Tapped action. But I have no idea and can't find anywhere how to get coordinates based on tap

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don't look at the windows 7 samples for metro, its very different. Theres windows 8 geolocations samples here: – J.B Jul 26 '12 at 17:44
thx I`ll check them asap – Fixus Jul 26 '12 at 20:10

Try this:

Point p = e.GetPosition(this.MainMap);
Location location = new Location();
MainMap.TryPixelToLocation(p, out location);

The location variable will have the latitude and longitude values.

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First, add a event listener for click event:

Microsoft.Maps.Events.addHandler(map, 'click', mapClick);

Then in event handler:

function mapClick(e) {

if (e.targetType == "map") {

    //Get x and y

    var point = new Microsoft.Maps.Point(e.getX(), e.getY());

    //Convert map point to location

    var location =;




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// --------- HTML/JS --------------
var mapCenter = map.getCenter();
var pos = map.tryPixelToLocation(new Microsoft.Maps.Point(location.clientX, location.clientY), Microsoft.Maps.PixelReference.control);

// --------- C# -------------------
Geolocator geolocator = new Geolocator();
var pos = await geolocator.GetGeopositionAsync();
Location location = new Location(pos.Coordinate.Latitude, pos.Coordinate.Longitude);
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