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I have prototype method that is activated by a callback from the Box2D API I am using. The callback can get to the function, but it is not the correct instance of the function. What is the proper syntax to get the callback to call this.prototype class.

The call to the Box2D API:

Box2d.prototype.getBodyAtMouse = function() {
   this.mousePVec = new this.b2Vec2(this.mouseX/this.SCALE, this.mouseY/this.SCALE);
   var aabb = new this.b2AABB();
   aabb.lowerBound.Set(this.mouseX/this.SCALE - 0.001, this.mouseY/this.SCALE - 0.001);
   aabb.upperBound.Set(this.mouseX/this.SCALE + 0.001, this.mouseY/this.SCALE + 0.001);
   this.selectedBody = null;
   var _this = this;, aabb);
   return this.selectedBody;


This is the box2D API Method that is called:

b2World.prototype.QueryAABB = function (callback, aabb) {
  var __this = this;
  var broadPhase = __this.m_contactManager.m_broadPhase;

  function WorldQueryWrapper(proxy) {
     return callback(broadPhase.GetUserData(proxy));
  broadPhase.Query(WorldQueryWrapper, aabb);


And this is the callback that I want the API to have the proper reference to:

Box2d.prototype.getBodyCB = function(fixture) 
  if(fixture.GetBody().GetType() != this.b2Body.b2_staticBody) {
   if(fixture.GetShape().TestPoint(fixture.GetBody().GetTransform(), this.mousePVec)) {
      selectedBody = fixture.GetBody();
      return false;
return true;


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1 Answer 1

Either use

var _this = this;{
}, aabb);

or, aabb);

(which is not supported by older browsers, but can easily be shimmed)

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