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I want to add to my treeview some nodes with childs, but have a problem how to add nodes with for example ToolTipText. I want do it with TreeNodeCollection. It is possible or how could I change my code? Here is my code where all nodes are root nodes.

protected void CreateTreeView(TreeNodeCollection parentNode, int parentID, DataTable mytab)
        foreach (DataRow dta in mytab.Rows)
            if (Convert.ToInt32(dta["parent_id"]) == parentID)
                String key = dta["id"].ToString();
                String text = dta["host_ip"].ToString();
                TreeNode tn = new TreeNode();
                tn.Name = dta["id"].ToString();
                tn.Text = dta["host_ip"].ToString();
                tn.ToolTipText = dta["description"].ToString();

                TreeNodeCollection newParentNode = parentNode;
                CreateTreeView(newParentNode, Convert.ToInt32(dta["id"]), mytab);

Calling code:

CreateTreeView(treeView1.Nodes, 0, dt);
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If someone had with this problem here is an example:

void add_tooltiptext(DataTable mytab)

            foreach (DataRow nodes in mytab.Rows)
                TreeNode[] found = treeView1.Nodes.Find(nodes["id"].ToString(), true);
                for (int i = 0; i < found.Length; i++)
                    treeView1.SelectedNode = found[i];

                    treeView1.SelectedNode.ToolTipText = nodes["description"].ToString();

        { }
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