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I want to call insert select and I try to use this select (with help from this INSERT SELECT query when one column is unique)

SELECT minids.userid, username, password, full_name, country, email,
      (select openclipart_files.id from aiki_users, openclipart_files
       where aiki_users.userid = users.userid and avatar like '%svg' AND
             filename = avatar) as avatar,
      homepage, usergroup, notify, nsfwfilter
FROM aiki_users users
INNER JOIN (SELECT MIN(userid) as userid FROM aiki_users GROUP by username) 
           minids ON minids.userid = users.userid;

I use it with insert

INSERT INTO openclipart_users(id, user_name, password, full_name, country,
email, avatar, homepage, user_group, notify, nsfw_filter) SELECT ...

It take very long to execute (I cancel it after few minutes)

aiki_users table have 100k rows and openclipart_files have 30k rows, basically I just copy all stuff from aiki_users to openclipart_users skipping duplicates and I want avatar to be id of the file where in old table is a string (only about 300 users have svg avatars about 1k users have non '' avatar but I only what svg).

IS there any way to quickly insert that avatar (without it INSERT SELECT execute in few seconds) into openclipart_users, any solustion that will work will be fine (by quickly I mean less then a minute).

EDIT output of explain over SELECT

| id | select_type        | table             | type   | possible_keys | key      | key_len | ref                              | rows   | Extra       |
|  1 | PRIMARY            | <derived3>        | ALL    | NULL          | NULL     | NULL    | NULL                             | 106689 |             |
|  1 | PRIMARY            | users             | eq_ref | PRIMARY       | PRIMARY  | 4       | minids.userid                    |      1 |             |
|  3 | DERIVED            | aiki_users        | index  | NULL          | username | 302     | NULL                             | 111273 | Using index |
|  2 | DEPENDENT SUBQUERY | openclipart_files | ALL    | NULL          | NULL     | NULL    | NULL                             |  37715 |             |
|  2 | DEPENDENT SUBQUERY | aiki_users        | eq_ref | PRIMARY       | PRIMARY  | 4       | openclipart_staging.users.userid |      1 | Using where |
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How long does it take to run the SELECT only? What does EXPLAIN say about it? –  Vatev Jul 26 '12 at 17:15
How much time does it take to fetch all rows of your select? –  hmmftg Jul 26 '12 at 17:16
As with almost any SQL DB out there, subselects are notoriously bad when either your source tables are large or your subselect tables are large. Compound this with using the LIKE operator, which is a very expensive conditional operator compared to a straight comparison (try RIGHT(avatar, 3) = 'svg' and see how it compares). See if you can possibly refactor it to using nothing but joins (including joining on subselects). For example, try joining to SELECT avatar, CASE RIGHT(avatar, 3) WHEN 'svg' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS IsSVG FROM openclipart_files with avatar = filename and IsSVG = 1. –  SPFiredrake Jul 26 '12 at 17:21
@hmmftg I don't know after few minutes I cancel the query. –  jcubic Jul 26 '12 at 17:30
1. Is it really possible to have two users with the same username and different userid values? 2. Which table contains the column avatar: aiki_users or openclipart_files? 3. No matter what you do, you are going to get a scan on the table that contains the avatar column because of the use of a leading wildcard. If that table is tiny, then fine, but if that table is large, then the entire query will be slave to that expression. –  Thomas Jul 26 '12 at 17:56

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Converting to join only syntax (getting rid of the correlated subquery and joining to a subselect instead):

SELECT minids.userid, username, password, full_name, country, email,
      clip.id as avatar,
      homepage, usergroup, notify, nsfwfilter
FROM aiki_users users
INNER JOIN (SELECT MIN(userid) as userid FROM aiki_users GROUP by username) 
           minids ON minids.userid = users.userid
LEFT OUTER JOIN openclipart_files clip ON 
           clip.owner = users.userid AND RIGHT(users.avatar, 3) = 'svg' 
           AND clip.filename = users.avatar

Try that out.

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But only 300 rows join by filename = avatar and I need all 100k with NULL values when avatar not like '%svg' –  jcubic Jul 28 '12 at 7:11
That's why it's a left join (left outer join). The join syntax ensures that it only creates a matching record IF AND ONLY IF the join predicates match. Otherwise all the clip columns for rows that don't have matches will be null. –  SPFiredrake Jul 30 '12 at 13:26
I din't know that, I know only subset of SQL, need to learn more about JOINs. I need to test you solution and if it work I'll accept your answer, much better then my hack. –  jcubic Jul 30 '12 at 13:41
The second join is LEFT JOIN shouldn't it be LEFT OUTER JOIN like in comment? And why it have LEFT JOIN (SELECT if it's join couldn't it be LEFT OUTER JOIN openclipart_files ON owner = users.user_id ...? –  jcubic Jul 30 '12 at 14:08
LEFT JOIN is the same as LEFT OUTER JOIN. Just like you can use JOIN instead of INNER JOIN. In regards to the subselect, you're right. I originally did it because I was thinking you were getting the last 3 of a column from openclipart_files so I started doing it that way. Then I reexamined your query and realized that wasn't the case at all. I'll change it to a straight join instead of a subselect (since you don't need to perform any UDFs on the data, should be fine). –  SPFiredrake Jul 30 '12 at 15:16

Some Improvements:

              FROM AIKI_USERS
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    MIN(userid), username, password, full_name, country, email,
    homepage, usergroup, notify, nsfwfilter
FROM aiki_users 
LEFT JOIN openclipart_files  ON filename = avatar AND avatar like '%svg'
GROUP BY username
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Using hint from @SPFiredrake with CASE and RIGHT I create this query

SELECT minids.userid, username, password, full_name, country, email,
       case RIGHT(avatar, 3) 
       when 'svg' then 
            (select openclipart_files.id 
             from openclipart_files
             where filename = users.avatar AND users.userid = owner)
       end as avatar, homepage, usergroup, first_login, notify, nsfwfilter
FROM aiki_users users 
INNER JOIN (SELECT MIN(userid) as userid FROM aiki_users GROUP by username) 
minids ON minids.userid = users.userid;

which run in 2-4 seconds (inner SQL was run only for those 300 cases).

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