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I'm using emacs + auctex for all my TeXing needs and I'm very satisfied with the workflow. However, there's one thing bothering me. Whenver I compile a document (possible consisting of multiple files) and there's a missing reference auctex prints this annoying message

LaTeX Warning: Reference `fig:MyMissingLabel' on page 42 undefined on input line 37.

and that's it. No shortcut for jumping to the missing reference, nada!
I'm aware that I could enable debugging of warnings, however, this is not really suitable in case the document produces other warnings which I don't want to debug¹.

I'd like to have a defun which cycles the point to the locations of the missing references. Thus I have not found anything online, maybe one of you guys can help?

Thanks in advance!


[1] E.g. some packages report warnings when not loaded with a version number or something. I don't want to debug this. I'd like to correct my references!

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The shorcuts in AUCTeX allow you to jump to an error. The missing references are warnings. You can activate your desired behavior by treating warnings as errors with TeX-toggle-debug-warnings which is bound to C-c C-t C-w.

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As stated above this bears the problem that it cycles all warnings, not only the ones due to a missing reference. –  elemakil Jul 26 '12 at 19:53

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