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I have made the following changes to the code but still get the "Index exceeds matrix dimensions" error on the line where the "if statement" is called and I am for looping the "h" starting from 2:25. I still have net figured out how I can use an element from the previous dimension in the current dimension equation expression

  number_of_days = 3;
number_of_hours = 24*number_of_days;
number_panels = 1:5;

for idx_number_panels = 1:length(number_panels) % range of PV panel units examined

for number_turbines = 0:1 % range of wind turbine units examined

    for number_batteries = 1:2 % range of battery units examined

        for h=2:25 %# hours
               battery_capacity(:,:,:,1,1) = max_battery_capacity*number_batteries;

            for d = 1:number_of_days %# which day

                n = h + 24*(d-1);

                if   (max_battery_capacity*number_batteries) - (battery_capacity(idx_number_panels, number_turbines+1 ,number_batteries, h-1,d)*number_batteries) >0

                    storage_availability(idx_number_panels, number_turbines+1 ,number_batteries, h,d) =  (max_battery_capacity*number_batteries) - (battery_capacity(idx_number_panels, number_turbines+1 ,number_batteries, h-1,d)) ;


                    storage_availability(idx_number_panels, number_turbines+1 ,number_batteries, h,d) = 0;

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I still seem to get the same error when i use "h" instead of where I have "h-1" – user643469 Jul 27 '12 at 18:08

Let's look at this just by hours.

for h = 1:24
    battery_capacity(1) = initial_battery_capacity*number_batteries

    if hourly_total_RES(h) > hourly_annual_demand(n), % battery charging
        battery_capacity(h) = battery_capacity(h-1);
        battery_capacity(h) = battery_capacity(h-1);

First off, the both sides of the if statement are the same as written. I assume that your actual code does some sort of work with the previous data. If not, that's a problem.

It also might make the code a little easier to think about if you switch the order of the day and hour loops. To me, looking through all the hours of one day at a time makes better sense than looking at the first hour of each day, then the second hour of each day...

As for the indexing, one definite error is that you index battery_capacity(h-1) on the first iteration of the loop. That is, when h is 1, you define battery_capacity(1) and then try to look at battery_capacity(0), which is probably what's throwing the error.

To fix this, you could check to see if h == 1, but I think a more elegant way would be to loop through h = 2:24 and set battery_capacity(1) before entering that loop. See if this code works:

for d = 1:number_of_days
    battery_capacity(1) = initial_battery_capacity*number_batteries
    for h = 2:24
        if hourly_total_RES(h) > hourly_annual_demand(n), % battery charging
            battery_capacity(h) = battery_capacity(h-1);
            battery_capacity(h) = battery_capacity(h-1);
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all good remarks +1 – Amro Jul 26 '12 at 17:50
thank Andrew I have tried your suggestions but I am still getting the same error on the if statement "Index exceeds matrix dimensions. " – user643469 Jul 26 '12 at 18:09
Andrew, I think I need to keep the day dimension as I need to be able to access other parameters on a daily basis. If I remove the day dimension will I be able to access 24 hour slots for 365 days. i.e 1:24, 25:48 etc etc? – user643469 Jul 26 '12 at 22:51
@user643469 Yes, you can index arrays in Matlab by array(25:48). You could even write a helper function to make that conversion. – Andrew Piliser Jul 27 '12 at 16:05
Hi Andrew I have made some changes to my original code due to the output variables I have had to change. I think I have to keep the hour and day as two separate dimensions as it makes life easier later on. What I really need help with is to figure out the code that will allow me to take the element from the "hour" dimension of the previous matrix. (i.e back to the h-1 argument!) and use it in the "current matrix" throughout the loop. Can we continue this discussion on the comment section of my original post? Thank you – user643469 Jul 27 '12 at 18:07

From what I understand, the last two dimensions store the hour and day respectively. So to set the value for first day at hour=1 (I assume this means midnight start of day):

battery_capacity(:,:,:,1,1) = 2;    %# 2kWh

This will set the value 2 for all "panels" and all "turbines" and all "batteries".

I assume you have the matrix already pre-allocated somewhere in your code.

For what its worth, I think you have a typo where you first mention battery_capacity in the code (there is a missing h parameter)

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yes I think you have understood my question thank you. I still get the error "Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals." on the line " battery_capacity(idx_number_panels , number_turbines + 1,number_batteries, h,d) =." at the if statement. – user643469 Jul 26 '12 at 17:32
I think the error I am getting is due to the h-1 format I have used. However since the battery_capacity at hour 1 of day 1 is set to equal 2 as you have mentioned in your answer, I don't see why this is the case. What I am trying to achieve is to kick start the battery_capacity at equal 2 and then use the equation I have which changes depending on the "if statement" to continue for the remaining hours – user643469 Jul 26 '12 at 17:37
@user643469: see Andrew's answer, he raised some good points – Amro Jul 26 '12 at 17:50

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