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I have sharepoint 2010 and visual studio 2010.

I want to create a webpart that will contain a tree view and it will show all files from a list or library (the path should be configurable in the web part settings).

The tree view should be compatible with folders.

Also I want it so that you can change the order of the items, so I want beside each item an up and down arrow button, then when clicked will change the order of the item, but this needs to affect the original list as well.

So I was thinking of having a column on the original list called orderby, then have it be sorted by that column. Then this web part can change the number of the item in the orderby column of the original list and then refresh the webpart to load the changes.

I don't know much on web part programming yet, but can anyone help me get started?


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A webpart essentially hosts an ascx control. If you can create a web control that does what you want, hosting it inside a webpart is not that big a deal.

First thing you will have to do is get a new SharePoint installation on your development box.

Next create a new Visual Webpart Project with Visual Studio 2010.

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