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I'm trying to disable a security firewall for a test environment in Symfony2, but i'm not having luck. Here's what i have in config_test.yml:

            pattern: .*
            security: false
            anonymous: ~

However, this is not disabling security. Any ideas how i can completely disable security for a certain firewall when in test env?

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You might also need to have an authenticated user in the system (I did). Check my comment here: stackoverflow.com/questions/11451969/… Also check this one out: symfony.com/doc/current/cookbook/testing/… –  unegma Sep 17 at 17:00

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Possible solution

You could extract from config.yml this part of code:

    - { resource: security.yml }

And put it separately to config_dev.yml and config_prod.yml. In this case config_test.yml will not import security configuration and, as result, you'll have no security in test environment.

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Problem is: i'm using JMSSecurityExtraBundle with annotated security roles. I'm getting "The security context was not populated with a Token." all the time. –  vinnylinux Jul 27 '12 at 19:43

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