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I'm trying to understand foobar rails code and encountered following. There is controller A which inherits from controller B (A < B). And both of them don't have "index" method, but B has view "app/views/B/index.rhtml.erb" which will be rendered on that action from A controller. In that view there is line:

render(:partial => "find")

But there are two files: "app/views/A/_find.rhtml.erb" and "app/views/B/_find.rjs" And i can't understand which would be rendered if index was called from A controller. Further more "app/views/B/_find.rjs" has line:

page.replace_html(:contentBody, :partial => "find")

And i have no idea what is rendered here. Any ideas?

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I think , it depends on wich controller the user see, and that behavior is defined by the route system (config/routes.rb) –  eveevans Jul 26 '12 at 18:52

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Your application will only render the rjs files if a script was requested (usually through an AJAX request). If the user accesses your index action normally (i.e. a request for HTML using a browser), your app will render index.rhtml.erb to produce the HTML response, which will in turn render _find.rhtml.erb. If some part of your page is requesting a script, then _find.rjs will be rendered (which actually just produces a javascript response behind the scenes). In this case, _find.rjs actually uses the HTML partial _find.rhtml.erb in the call to replace_html to replace part of the page.

BTW, you seem to be using an older version of Rails as rhtml and rjs are no longer used. I'd suggest working with a newer version.

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Yes that's Rails 2.3.5. And in the moment i don't have a resource to switch entire application to Rails 3. –  lompy Jul 27 '12 at 11:01
Thanks! It's gotten much clearer now. If i got you right then if i'm trying to reach 'application.com/A/index' i get index.rhtml.erb with _find.rhtml.erb as a partial. –  lompy Jul 27 '12 at 11:09

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