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Can't understand case of segfault.

int main()
     int val;
     pthread_t thread;
     pthread_join(thread,(void **) &val);  
 //and here sometimes come segmentation 
 //fault and other times i get correct val value


void *Do(void *)
    int retval=4;
    pthread_exit((void *) retval);

If i'm correct, pthread_exit() stores addres (which value is 4) into variable which is pointed by (&val) pointer, which means that val=4 after pthread_join(). But the point that if i launch program many times i got both correct val value (that is 4) and segmentation faults on different launches. (btw the same result when did in correct way with pointers and dynamic allocation in Do function).

Help me, please. Thank you in advance.

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You took out too much. While you're adding more, fix your indentation. –  Wug Jul 26 '12 at 18:42

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The only thing I can think of, is the fact that you are returning the address of local variable of function *Do. Local variables are stored in the stack frame alocated for the function.You are returning a pointer to a location that is not valid after the thread has terminated.

See :

where is says:

The value pointed to by retval should not be located on the calling thread's stack, since the contents of that stack are undefined after the thread terminates.

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