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I've just started using Jasmine with maven. I have Jasmine working, but for some reason it cannot find my Backbone models. I have the JavaScript src directory pointing to the folder containing my Backbone.js models. In my JavaScript test directory I have a simple test as such:

describe('ToDo Model',function()
    it('Test',function() {
        var todo = new ToDo();

But I keep getting ToDo is not defined. Do I have to write my tests inside of the my backbone model files or anything? Thanks.

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Need more information to answer this. How are you defining the ToDo model? Open your specs in a browser and make sure you can't access ToDo in the developer console. –  clem Jul 26 '12 at 18:42

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ToDo has to be in the global namespace as well. Try typing this in your Chrome/Firefox console:


If it returns undefined, then that's the problem!

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It's usually a good practice to define a global namespace for your app, for example:

window.Application = {
  Models: {},
  Views: {},
  Collections: {}

// etc.

Then, I like to define models like this:

(function (Models) {
  Models.ToDo = Backbone.Models.extend({
    // etc...

The namespacing here isn't necessary, but seeing Models right at the top of the file is a nice visual cue, I think.

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Yeah, I have my ToDo model inside of it's own file with no real namespace defined, simply var ToDo = Backbone.model.extend... I thought that would put it in the global namespace. When I access the normal page that uses the that model, I can access ToDo off of window. –  Phillip Whisenhunt Jul 26 '12 at 19:00
Then that sounds like a problem with your Jasmine config. –  clem Jul 26 '12 at 19:01

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