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I need to 'pretty print' a mysql query. The query is very long and complex and doing this in code is cumbersome. The language doesn't matter too much, but I am writing a web app so javascript ( to do it client side ) or ruby ( server side ) would be ideal.

Are there any libraries out there that will do this for me?

I imagine it would do something like this...

   s = "select foo, bar from baz join bif on = where bar = 10"

   f= format( s ) # this would return something like the following.

   f = "SELECT
       FROM baz
       JOIN bif
       ON =
       WHERE bar = 10"
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if you are indeed language agnostic then the Perl module SQL::Beautify will pretty print your above sample query.

once installed (by issuing for example cpan SQL::Beautify) you could format your query string using a oneliner similar to this:

echo "select foo, bar from baz join bif on = where bar = 10" |\
perl -ne 'use SQL::Beautify; print SQL::Beautify->new(query => $_)->beautify;'

which will yield this:

    join bif on =
    bar = 10
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I solved this using the sqlformat web service that appspot offers. I could have written my own web service using the above Sql Beautify method, but I did not want to introduce a new language into our code repository ( we only use ruby, python, and javascript ).

# Hits the following web-service

# Github page

# Documentation
# data - The SQL statement to format.
# remove_comments - Set to 1 to remove comments.
# keyword_case - How to convert keywords. Allowed values are 'lower', 'upper', 'capitalize'.
# identifier_case - How to convert identifiers. Allowed values are 'lower', 'upper', 'capitalize'.
#  - while this is an option I found it capitalizes table names which breaks the query. BE CAREFUL
# n_indents - An integer indicating the indendation depth.
# right_margin - An integer indicating the maximum line length.
# output_format - Transfer the statement into another programming language. Allowed values are 'python', 'php'

# {
#   :data => query,
#   :format => 'text',
#   :remove_comments => 1,
#   :keyword_case => 'upper',
#   :n_indents => 2,
# }

# or, just pass in a the query as a string and the above params will be the default

def DB::format_sql( params )
    if( params.class == String )
        params = {
            :data => params,
            :format => 'text',
            :remove_comments => 1,
            :keyword_case => 'upper',
            :n_indents => 2,

    res = Net::HTTP.post_form(URI.parse(''), params )
    return res.body
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