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I am new to Php and Xeround Stuff.. I want to make a database remotely, for that I am using Xeround Services, Now I want to make a php file on my system and want to access the database made on xeround.. Its help says we can do it using :

  $con = mysql_pconnect("","john","malon");
  if (!$con)
    die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());

  // rest of the code . . .

My problem is:

How to access it from my computer? What do I need to install to run the php page? Shall I install WAMP? But whats the use of WAMP when I am remotely accessing PHPMyAdmin for MySQL, or do I need to install Apache Server only? Or what shall I do? I am confused.

I basically want to run a query from my computer by accessing xeround's database. I don't have a website so localhost would be used to access it.

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You know you can just get an account over at phpfog which is basically the same cloud database but includes php app hosting. If your new maybe this is a nicer route for you. You can also add your Xeround to the phpfog as an addon.

How to access it from my computer? What do I need to install to run the php page? Shall I install WAMP?

Yes you can use WAMP too. You can run scripts in your local apache/php. Or you can run PHPmyadmin (through apache/php after you install WAMP) which might be easier. Or even some local software like MySQL Workbench but for all that it might be neccessary to GRANT access to your ip address.

That code you posted goes right into a php script. Do you know php?

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Thanks, But I need to use remote Database, that is why I was preferring Xeround. Secondly phpfog requires a registration fee to add addons like Xeround. Now what shall I do? Actually, I want to practice cloud computing, therefore would like to make database on xeround while running queries from my own system – kdfjldskfjlks kdsjldksjflkds Jul 27 '12 at 8:42
I already told you in my answer; Setup WAMP, create PHP scripts to run queries or use something like phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench. -- Also FYI you don't need to use xeround with phpfog, phpfog already provides an included free database and the whole thing is in the cloud. – Anthony Hatzopoulos Jul 27 '12 at 14:20

To access your database on Xeround remotely using PHP, you must first verify that you have the php-mysql module installed. To install it in Linux, run the following command:

yum install php-mysql

To verify you have the php-mysql module you will need to prepare a file called phpinfo.php with the following content:

<?php phpinfo();

Now, run

php -f phpinfo.php

Another option you can consider is accessing phpMyAdmin from the Xeround UI (then the connection string to the database is sent to phpMyAdmin).

Good luck :)

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