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I have to parse as part of a project a playlist file:

The layout looks like this:

         "info" : "",
         "time" : "05:00",
         "url_stream" : "http://loopstream01.apa.at/?channel=oe1&id=20120726_0500_1_2_nachrichten_XXX_w_",
         "day_label" : "26.07.2012",
         "short_title" : "Nachrichten",
         "url_detail" : "",
         "url_json" : "/programm/308178/konsole",
         "parts" : [],
         "tag" : "",
         "id" : "308178",
         "title" : "Nachrichten",
         "url_playlist" : "/programm/308178/playlist"
      },........... and so on

now i want to get the values of the "properties". I tried this one

"info" : "(?<info>(([^"]*)))", ....

but it is buggy because the it is possible that there is something like this:

"info" : "Hello "World" this was a test",

you see that "World" is also in "" and so it gets buggy. Does anyone has a good and clean solution for me?

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Use a JSON parser, please. I think C# has this feature built-in. – nhahtdh Jul 26 '12 at 19:00
This looks like JSON. Have you considered a JSON parser for C# instead? – Matt Jul 26 '12 at 19:00
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I found two similar pages on internet. They can be parsed using Json.Net as below:

using (var wc = new WebClient())
    string url = "http://derruki.dyndns.org/oe1rip/json-list-source.php";
    string json = wc.DownloadString(url);

    dynamic dynObj = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(json);
    foreach(var item in dynObj)
            item.info, item.short_title, item.url_stream);

For http://oe1.orf.at/programm/konsole/tag/20120726 you should change for loop as

foreach(var item in dynObj.list)
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Use the JavaScriptSerializer class, documented by Microsoft here, to deserialize the JSON. That will be much easier than RegEx.

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i will have a look on it – Florian R. Jul 27 '12 at 8:35

Try this one:

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