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I am using AnythingSlider, but I want to change its buttons to be displayed at the left side of images instead of at the bottom.

I believe have to change <ul>'s list-style:none; I tried changing in different positions, but I cannot figure it out how to change position of buttons to be on the left side and show vertically, something like this.

Here is my CSS

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Check out this demo. It uses the appendControlsTo option to completely move the slider controls. You'll have to add your own css styling (see the demo).

    // A HTML element (jQuery Object, selector or HTMLNode) to which
    // the controls will be appended, if not null
    appendControlsTo: $('#nav'),

    // Go to
    // for details on how to set up this navigationFormatter option
    navigationFormatter: function(index, panel) {
        // This is the default format (show just the panel index number)
        return "" + index;

For more information about the appendControlsTo option, check out the wiki documentation

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