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I just downloaded and installed Prestashop, which is a PHP e-commerce system. I also downloaded and installed XAMPP and Aptana , an open source IDE for PHP development. It uses MVC of some sort. (Sorry, I am completely new to PHP). It looks ok, I can access the site and the changes I perform in Aptana are reflected in my localhost website. Now I would like to debug the execution, Aptana has an built-in debugger and it works for a test example I downloaded from the internet (here). It works. But when I try to set the breakpoint in the Prestashop project, it does not suspend the execution. Also, when I click on a link, the debugger stops.

I really have no idea how to set it up. Do you have any experience in debugging PHP? How can I set it up? I would be fine to change the IDE, if it helped me debugging this system.

Thanks, Oscar

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Prestashop has some good debug code built in already.

In config/ change the define for _PS_DEBUG_SQL_ to true (you can also turn error reporting on in here) and in config/ set the define for _PS_MODE_DEV_ to true also.

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Use Netbeans to debug your prestashop. In Netbeans you can use Unit Test or etc. check Netbeans tutorial for detail

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