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We have an attribute code called web_availability to message different forms of product availability to the customer - Example: Availability "80" should message "In Store Only" on a search result and/or a product detail page. Each of the availability values that we set up are automatically assigned an option value in magento as follows:

<input type="text" class="input-text required-option" value="80" name="option[value][532][0]">

I declared the variables as:

$_shipping_messaging = $_product->getShippingMessaging(); //looks for a value of "0" or "1" to assign either Free Shipping, or Plus Shipping Messaging
$_shipping_price = $_product->getShippingPrice(); //if product is plus shipping this messages the approximate shipping price on the product

$web_avail_options = $_product->getResource()->getAttribute('web_availability')) {
foreach ($web_avail_options as $web_avail_option) {
    if ($web_avail_option['value'] == $_product->getData('web_availability')) {
        $web_availability = $web_avail_option['label'];

Placed the following into magento's price.phtml:

  if ($shipping_messaging == 0) {
      echo '+ $' . number_format($_shipping_price, 2) . " Shipping"; // displays "+ $x.xx Shipping" on the product page
  } elseif ($_shipping_messaging == 1) {
      echo "Free Shipping"; // displays "Free Shipping" on the product page
  else ($web_avail_option == '70' || '80' || '90'); {
      echo "In Store Only";


The shipping messaging ("Free Shipping", or "+ $4.80 Shipping) appear as I would expect them to, however it ALWAYS displays the "In Store Only" message regardless of the product's avilability. I have tried every conceivable combination of ==, <, >, as well as using different parts of the initial variable I declared at the beginning?

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Please notice your code, especially the else statement.

else ($web_avail_option == '70' || '80' || '90'); { echo "In Store Only"; }

The else statement is formatted wrong, please notice below code. Your else statement is checking if the web avail option is 70 but you're not using an elseif and after the OR operator you're checking 80. Well.. 80 is always true.

A sulution: You may want to save the correct state in an array (example: $correct_status = array(70,80,90);. If these code are saved in an array, you can use below else statement.

elseif(in_array($web_avail_option, $correct_status)) { echo "In store only"; }

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