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I am successfully using SQLite-net (https://github.com/praeclarum/sqlite-net) in my MonoTouch project. However when I try to use the same in Mono Android, the Database call throws an exception in the Prepare2 method.

I am using the SQLite-Net file as-is in my Android project.
Do I need to make any changes specific for MonoAndroid?

Any help highly appreciated.

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This blog post has some details on how to use SQLite-net in a Mono for Android application. I also recommend checking out the MWC application created by Xamarin which is a good recent example of using the library in an application.

If you still run into problems, please provide some details on what the problem is (exception type/text, stacktrace, etc).

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That's exactly the blog post I referred to. I am not using the helper class but I cant get the stack trace. It just says SQL Result Error. I wonder if its a reference issue. –  rams Jul 26 '12 at 21:35

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