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I have a background job that grabs a user's facebook friends.

I want this background job to fire each time a signed in user starts a new browser session. I'm not sure on the technical definitions on what constitutes a "new" session for Rails, but ideally it would fire whenever the user hits the site after a period of inactivity (e.g., >30 minutes since last visit).

How can I detect a new session like this in Rails? Appreciate any help.

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This is the best I could do to solve it. I'm using a session variable. I have this method in my application_controller with a before_filter. Seems to work well but I noticed there are particular things (e.g., Pusher) that reset the session variables so definitely monitor if going with this solution. If someone has a better solution in mind, I'm all ears.

def call_set_facebook_friends
  if session[:new_session] == nil && signed_in?
    session[:new_session] = true
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If you're using Devise, you have a column last_sign_in_at in the users table. It can be used by your background job to check if a user has recently visited your site.

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Unfortunately I'm not using Device. The key issue I'm battling here is balancing the need to keep our copy of a user's facebook friends current vs. not putting too much load on our workers. i thought a new session is a good compromise as it will only fire for active users, and will likely be current by the time the user navigates to the friends view –  pejmanjohn Jul 26 '12 at 21:11

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