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Newbie here so not sure what are the potential performance issues here, and what are the best practices.

Is this a good idea? Thoughts?

FROM THIS: (prone to manual error when cells codes are all over the place and/or gridview changes)

row.Cells[1].Visible = false;   // CustomerId
row.Cells[9].Visible = false;   // OrderNumber
row.Cells[10].Visible = false;  // ProductId
. . .
int matchId = row.Cells[11].Text;
. . .

TO THIS: (more readable and manageable, just make sure the enum is in sync with the gridview)

row.Cells[Col.CustomerId.GetVal()].Visible = false;     
row.Cells[Col.OrderNumber.GetVal()].Visible = false; 
row.Cells[Col.ProductNumber.GetVal()].Visible = false;  
. . .
int matchId = row.Cells[Col.CustomerName.GetVal()].Text;
. . .

public enum Col
    MatchId = 1,
. . .
    ServiceCode = 9,
    CustomerId = 10,
    CustomerName = 11,
. . .


public static class ColExt
    static public int GetVal(this Col col)
        return (int)col;
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In my opinion the code is more readable with the enums. But it's important that you have a code generator for the enum(s). Otherwise you do a lot of misstakes, if you have many columns to handle.

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Its good Idea if large amount of column is used in a grid or at many pages if same grid is being used. id will be easy to change column value from enum and it will reflect to all the grids....

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