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I am using neo4j, I have nodes with two properties: name and id. I have an index on id. I have relationships "CALL" with a property: "by_test". This property can take different value (id of any node).

Two nodes can have multiple CALL relationships with different by_test property value.

So let's say I have 1..N nodes linked by the same CALL.by_test property value.

Node1 -> Node2 -> Node3 -> .. -> Node N

  • How can I get all these nodes?

    1. Do I need to put an Index on the relationship?

    2. Do I have to create dynamic relationship? Instead of CALL.by_test=value, use value has a relationship.


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Using Cypher, you could query for that list like this:

START n=node:node_auto_index(name="one") 
MATCH p=(n)-[r:CALL*1..]->(m)
WHERE ALL(x in r WHERE x.by_test = 3)

In the MATCH you bind a term r to the CALL relationships, which you then use in the WHERE clause to check the by_test property of each.

As Michael Hunger noted, the r is a collection of relationships, so the WHERE needs to use ALL to check each of the relationships.

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Thanks, but I got an error: Unknown identifier r. – kdelemme Jul 31 '12 at 0:55
Which version of Neo4j are you using? The syntax is shifting a bit. – akollegger Aug 1 '12 at 2:13
the last one: 1.8 – kdelemme Aug 6 '12 at 22:17
as r in this case (variable length path) stands for 1..n relationships you have to use: WHERE ALL(x in r : x.by_test=3) – Michael Hunger Aug 7 '12 at 22:25
Good catch, Michael. Answer updated. – akollegger Aug 7 '12 at 23:12

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