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I have a class that has two params: start_date and end_date.

Those are formatted like - 2012-07-12 and 2012-07-24.

I was to subtract end_date from start_date.

Previous Googling has left me high and dry. Should I convert these to something else to do subtraction?

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Convert them into dates and subtract them:

require 'date'

start_date = Date.parse('2012-07-12')
end_date = Date.parse('2012-07-24')

(start_date - end_date).to_i

=> -12
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Thanks very much. I appreciate it! – Zack Shapiro Jul 26 '12 at 20:39

If you want the number of days (end_date-start_date).days should work fine. You'll probably get a Rational number of days, in which case you can just use to_i

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If i am not miskaten, the params come in form of a String, so you have to convert it to a Date, DateTime, or Time to do math operations with them.
You can refer to this question to more details.
Number of days between two Date objects (Ruby)

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You can just substract two DateTime objects

Using 1.9

require 'date'
DateTime.parse(end_date) - DateTime.parse(start_date)
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