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I have a dual virtual systems: Windows and Ubuntu, which share a folder. Under Windows, the access to the shared folder is via Z:\SharedFolder\. Under Ubuntu, its access is /mnt/hgfs/SharedFolder.

There is a subsubsub folder Programs within SharedFolder where I put many codes, and most of them are managed via svn with a remote server.

I just installed Cygwin under Windows in order to generate binary for Windows, I set C:\cygwin as Root Directory. But it seems that within a Cygwin terminal, I could not go to manage files outside C:\cygwin, for instance files in Z:\SharedFolder\...\Programs\. Please correct me if I am wrong.

That complicates the issue, because I would like to develop codes in Z:\SharedFolder\...\Programs\. The advantages are to avoid copy-past, and be able to manage them via svn.

Does anyone have a good idea for the Root Directoryof Cygwin?

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To access Windows drives, use /cygdrive/<driveletter> where <driveletter> is the drive's name on Windows . Cygwin has problems with using the : character in pathnames (and Windows-style paths in general), so you must use the /cygdrive/ format in some contexts.


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