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I am writing a FastAGI script that utilizes the Asterisk.NET assembly to handle the AGI portions. I've seen in the Asterisk.NET script references to the "Logger" object, which should be providing me with a ton of Debug info, but I've got nothing in the application output.

I've resorted to using Console.WriteLine's to drop some debug information, but at this point I've got an Exception that I can't print info about as the Asterisk.NET FastAGI handler appears to silently sequester all exceptions, rather than letting them crash and give me the info I need to fix them!

Does anyone know how I can enable the Logger class properly? Failing that, does anyone know how I can instruct the Asterisk.NET library to NOT silently discard exceptions? I'm having trouble finding the answer in both cases.

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Go to the project's properties, the tab named Build, and write LOGGER into the "Conditional compilation symbols". The Logger class is contained in Asterisk.NET.

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Thanks for this, however I'm using mono rather than MS .NET, which probably would have been a great thing for me to include in the above post. I'll try compiling it with flag LOGGER and see what happens. Thanks for the tip. –  Peter Grace Sep 13 '12 at 16:47

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