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I have a DataGrid. When I change one of the DataGrid's column names, I want an event to arise so that the column name of the DataTable (the ItemSource of DataGrid) changes as well.

How can I sync the column names of the DataGrid and DataTable?


I have datagrid like this with 6 column:

<wpfc4:RGrid x:Name="dgrid" Grid.Row="2" ItemsSource="{Binding Model.CurrentDataTable}" Style="{DynamicResource DataGridRStyle}" AutoGenerateColumns="True"></wpfc4:RGrid>

This RemoveSelectedColumn function :

 private void RemoveSelectedColumn()
        DataGridColumn toRemove = this.Columns[_selectedColumnIndex];
        DataView view = this.ItemsSource as DataView;

        // deleting column from datatable.


It's deleting from datatable but datagrid still has 6 column but deleted column has blank value. How I cna update datagrid so it shows only 4 column when i deleted 2 columns from datatable.

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If possible, I would try to reverse this so that any time you change the name of one of the columns in the DataTable, the DataGrid gets updated.

If you have AutoGenerateColumns set to true on your DataGrid, this should be quite straightforward:

  1. Bind your DataGrid to your DataTable (using the ItemsSource property of the DataGrid).
  2. Make sure the class that contains your DataGrid property implements INotifyPropertyChanged, then raise the PropertyChanged event any time a column name on your DataTable changes.
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Pls see my edit section –  user1535848 Jul 27 '12 at 3:29
Instead of this.Items.Refresh, what happens if you try this.ItemsSource = Model.CurrentDataTable? Basically, I think you need to completely reset your ItemsSource, not just refresh the items. And I don't think you should need UpdateLayout at all. –  devuxer Jul 27 '12 at 5:38

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