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I have an iPad app that uses Core Data with Sqlite. I keep getting errors when a save is called on the managedobjectcontext. The error is sql error (19) constraint fails. I found a few websites that lead me to modify my generation code and update the Z_MAX field in the table Z_PRIMARYKEY table. Are there any other things that Core Data does behind the scenes similar to this?

Note: Yes, I know I shouldn't be doing this but part of the problem is the core data database is over 5 MB and it takes a long time to process the data from a plist. (Maybe JSON would be faster?)

EDIT I just noticed Z_ENT which is the entity id. I have to add that into the generation as well.

EDIT 2 Go the Entities mapped but I'm still getting the error. It is having trouble doing deletes and updates even through it appears to be valid.

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Appeared to just be an issue with the app itself.

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