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To evaluate my performance doing a kata I want to record my keystrokes done during that kata. I want to compare keystrikes between katas so I can optimize to reduce keystrokes (use proper shortcuts).

Is there an tool that let's me do that similar to audio-recording or screen-grabbing? (I do not want to install an evil keylogger.)

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Can you clarify your question? It reads to me like "I want to log my keystrokes while doing something (code katas), but I don't want to install anything that logs my keystrokes". – Ken White Jul 27 '12 at 4:05
Ken, thanks for asking. Yes I am aware that I will have to install some kind of recorder, but I do not want to go to some underground page and install some malware keylogger (as used for password hacking). Is there a key stroke recorder that is not connected to usual malware? – Peter Kofler Jul 30 '12 at 19:40

There is one in the official Debian repository


a keylogger for GNU/Linux systems

Logkeys is no more advanced than other available Linux keyloggers, but is a bit more up to date, it doesn't unreliably repeat keys and it should never crash your X. All in all, it just seems to work. It relies on event interface of the Linux input subsystem. Once set, it logs all common character and function keys, while also being fully aware of Shift and AltGr key modifiers.

 sudo apt-get install logkeys
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For IntelliJ IDEA there is a plugin "IntelliJ Code Golf" in the list of JetBrains plugins. I noticed it first in IDEA 13.

For Eclipse I wrote a plugin Keystrokes that records all your keystrokes and short-cuts. An typical output after starting the recording would look like

end left ctrl-shift-left "new Array" ctrl-space "l" enter 
ctrl-f11 up up down down enter (run test - OK)
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