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I have a List of Lists of string . I want to show it to user using a gridview . as number of columns are not known I decided to create gridview fields dynamically . I found some tutorials but all of them use DataTable . I tried to use the same but I have problem with databinding event's "_columnName" :

    void field_DataBinding(object sender, EventArgs e)

        TextBox txtdata = (TextBox)sender;

        GridViewRow container = (GridViewRow)txtdata.NamingContainer;

        object dataValue = DataBinder.Eval(container.DataItem, _columnName);

        if (dataValue != DBNull.Value)
            txtdata.Text = dataValue.ToString();


as there is no column in list . any suggestion is appreciated .

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A much easier way would be to set AutoGenerateColumns to true and use a DataTable as DataSource.

For example ( the aspx can be an empty GridView ):

List<List<String>> data = new List<List<String>>() { 
    new List<String>(){"Row1_Col1", "Row1_Col2",  "Row1_Col3"},
    new List<String>(){"Row2_Col1", "Row2_Col2",  "Row2_Col3"},
    new List<String>(){"Row3_Col1", "Row3_Col2",  "Row3_Col3"},
    new List<String>(){"Row4_Col1", "Row4_Col2",  "Row4_Col3"},
    new List<String>(){"Row5_Col1", "Row5_Col2",  "Row5_Col3"},
var tbl = new DataTable();
int maxFieldCount = data.Max(l => l.Count);
for (int i = 1; i <= maxFieldCount; i++)
    tbl.Columns.Add("Column" + i);
foreach (var list in data)
    DataRow newRow = tbl.Rows.Add();
    newRow.ItemArray = list.ToArray();

now it can be used as DataSource of the GridView:

GridView1.DataSource = tbl;
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