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Very similar question to How to navigate to implementing class from interface in Eclipse? Except add in generics. Consider the following:

interface Foo<T> {
  void doStuff(T obj);

class FooImpl implements Foo<String> {
  public void doStuff(String obj) {
    // stuff

class FooStringClient {
  private Foo<String> foo;

If I'm looking at FooStringClient, how can I find implementations of Foo<String>? The answers to that other question would show me all implementations of Foo<T> for all T. If there are many implementations of Foo<T> for various T, visually scanning the list to find only the Foo<String> implementations is rough.

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Not sure there is a way given how the type system works, but it's an interesting question and if there is an answer I'd like to hear about it as well so +1 –  Daniel DiPaolo Jul 26 '12 at 21:34

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There's a bug marked WONTFIX which requests just this feature.

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