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In Jenkins, I have two projects that run builds on two separate slaves. If the build fails on a slave, then the corresponding Jenkins project fails--this is intentional. If a build succeeds on a slave, then the corresponding Jenkins project succeeds, and any subproject of that Jenkins project executes. This is normal and expected by Jenkins design, according to my knowledge.

If both projects succeed, I want to insert a " SUCCESS" tag in Mercurial source control. If one of the jenkins projects fail, then I want to insert a " FAIL" tag in Mercurial source control. What I was thinking is having a jenkins project execute when one or both of these fail.

I know how to implement the success aspect of my design. However, is there a way to execute a project iff a parent project fails?

Is this possible in Jenkins? If so, how?

(don't worry about the Mercurial details...those aren't important...I was just trying to explain that I want to tag success if both projects succeed and tag fail if even one of the projects fails.

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Using a comment because I have zero experience with Jenkins (Outside of Pals for Life consultanting :) ) - but I'd use a number variable to accumulate successes. numberOfPasses = 0; each time a project passes, numberOfPasses++, then if numberOfPasses == 2, write the success tag, else write the fail tag. Good luck! –  Mark Allen Jul 26 '12 at 21:51
When you refer to "parent project" and "subproject", are you maybe talking about a multi-configuration job, also sometimes known as matrix job? And if you are not, could you clarify what is a subproject and parent project for you? –  sti Jul 29 '12 at 21:37
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