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I've tried a bunch of commands but they all attach the session into the current session and they as you can imagine it bails when I try to reattach it later as it's already attached in the session nest.

I create sessions for each project I work on with windows to remote servers, logs and vim. But everytime I want to switch I have to C-a d then screen -DR

I'd rather be able to just type a single command.


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AFAIK this is not possible with screen and I know of no way to easily work around this limitation. The issue here is that each screen session is independent and has no knowledge of other sessions.

If this is a feature you will use often, I would recommend switching to tmux which does this with <C-b>s. I've used both screen and tmux extensively and have not regretted favoring tmux this past year whenever a terminal multiplexer was called for.

On a side note running nested screen sessions is not too difficult, just send two escapes and commands go to the inner screen session, it helps if the escape is a single character, I like:

escape ``
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