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I'd like a (free) library or other method that can take N data points with M variables each and compute a line of best fit those data points. Speed is more necessary than exactness. Are there well-supported libraries that fit the bill?

Right now I am doing this in a pretty naive hill-climby way:

while (line is improving) { 
    Generate a bunch of lines that vary slightly from the one I have now.
    Figure out which one of those has the lowest n^2 delta.
    Does this best one have a better n^2 delta than this one? If so, repeat on this new line.
    Otherwise, you are done. Return this line.

This works fine but falls apart the more variables I introduce due to the fact that the variables are correlated and I am varying them independently. What resources are available to improve on this implementation?

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This might help. – assylias Jul 26 '12 at 22:24

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