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Is there a way to make Throwable.printStackTrace(PrintStream s) print the full stack trace, so that I can see beyond the final line of "... 40 more"?

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You don't need to; that information is present elsewhere in the stack trace. From the docs of printStackTrace():

Note the presence of lines containing the characters "...". These lines indicate that the remainder of the stack trace for this exception matches the indicated number of frames from the bottom of the stack trace of the exception that was caused by this exception (the "enclosing" exception).

This shorthand can greatly reduce the length of the output in the common case where a wrapped exception is thrown from same method as the "causative exception" is caught.

In other words, the "... x more" only appears on a chained exception, and only when the last x lines of the stack trace are already present as part of another chained exception's stack trace.

Suppose that a method catches exception Foo, wraps it in exception Bar, and throws Bar. Then Foo's stack trace will be shortened. If you for some reason want the full trace, all you need to do is take the last line before the ... in Foo's stack trace and look for it in the Bar's stack trace; everything below that line is exactly what would have been printed in Foo's stack trace.

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Quick guess at a method for you.

static void printLongerTrace(Throwable t){
    for(StackTraceElement e: t.getStackTrace())
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