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I have a repository set up on CollabNet Subversion Edge 3.1.0.

I want to use LDAP groups with different permissions to authenticate against my repository.

Of course, Apache's authz is unaware of LDAP groups. My strategy is to have a script that automatically updates the authz for the repository automatically on a nightly basis, as described in Using LDAP Groups With Subversion's Authz File.

However, authz is ignored by CollabNet's web server, and there seems to be a file hidden somewhere that can only be updated through the Collabnet admin interface.

Is there any way I can do this "manually" (i.e. finding that file and setting permissions so that a system user can run the script?)

For the record, the script I'm going to be using is a hand-rolled Windows PowerShell script.

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We recommend people use this script all the time. The authz file is not hidden. It is named svn_access_file and located in the Subversion Edge data folder. Just have your script update that file.

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In particular, csvn\data\conf\svn_access_file. Thanks! For reference of anyone else stumbling across this post, can you add a link to the official documentation where this file and integration with that script are discussed to your answer? – urbushey Jul 27 '12 at 13:46

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