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I have a preferences page in my application. As there is no Multiple Choice ListPreference (There's one after API Level 11) I want to put a ListView at preferences page. But the preferences.xml doesn't let me to insert a Linear Layout.

Here's my preferences.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<PreferenceScreen xmlns:android="">
                android:title="Auto Refresh Settings">
                        android:title="Auto Refresh"
                        android:summary="Enable / Disable Auto Refresh"
                        android:key="checkboxPref" />
                        android:title="Auto Refresh Frequency"
                        android:summary="Select the frequency of Auto Refresh"
                        android:entryValues="@array/listValues" />


This is how it looks:

preferences.xml graphical layout

What I want:


Lastly my (preferences):

package com.sarkolata.coding;

import android.content.Context;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.preference.CheckBoxPreference;
import android.preference.Preference;
import android.preference.Preference.OnPreferenceChangeListener;
import android.preference.PreferenceActivity;
import android.preference.PreferenceCategory;
import android.preference.PreferenceManager;
import android.widget.Toast;
public class Settings extends PreferenceActivity

     protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

          final Preference ListPref = (Preference) findPreference("listPref");
          final Preference CheckPref = (Preference) findPreference("checkboxPref");

          if(PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(getBaseContext()).getBoolean("checkboxPref", false)) {

          ListPref.setOnPreferenceChangeListener(new OnPreferenceChangeListener() {

            public boolean onPreferenceChange(Preference preference, Object newValue) {

                Main.update_tick = Integer.parseInt(newValue.toString()) * 1000;

                return true;

          CheckPref.setOnPreferenceChangeListener(new OnPreferenceChangeListener() {

            public boolean onPreferenceChange(Preference preference, Object newValue) {

                if(newValue.toString() == "true")
                } else {

                if(newValue.toString() == "true") {

                Main.refreshAllServers(Main.context, Main.bcontext,"start");

                } else {

                    Main.refreshAllServers(Main.context, Main.bcontext,"stop");


                return true;


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I don't know if is is clever to add a ListView inside a preference pane because the PreferenceActivity already uses a ListView to show the many preferences. Perhaps you want to use a MultiSelectListPreference, preference that allows you to do multiple selection. You can see an example at

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MultiSelectListPreference is Since API Level 11. And I think that the method specified at is not inside the preferences page. I need it in preferences page, because having two preferences pages wouldn't be good. – sarkolata Jul 27 '12 at 0:20

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