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How to extract content of DMG without mounting it? I want add autoupdate system to my application. It downloads DMG from website, then extract new version of application from it.

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Some .dmg files can be extracted by using 7-zip.

$ 7z x your.dmg
$ ls
1.Primary GPT Header
2.Primary GPT Table
6.Backup GPT Table
7.Backup GPT Header

...and after extracted the 4.hfs file:

$ 7z x 4.hfs'll get the content of the .dmg file.

You could also mount the .dmg in Mac OS X using hdiutil command (which is also used by Homebrew Cask).

Please refer to this Ask Ubuntu question for more use cases on Linux.

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Doing that is working counter to the design of DMGs, so it's very painful. DMGs are designed to be mounted, that is their whole raison d'être. You would need to rely on experimental code if you wanted to do something like that. You are probably better served by using a non-DMG archive such as a zip file, or by making your automatic updating process download, mount, and unmount the DMG file you provide.

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