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ImageMagick has a cool technique of 'wrapping' an image onto a greyscale 'mask'. It creates a cool button effect for thumbnails. I would like assistance in converting a method i have seen done with ImageMagick to PIL. I don't want to use any wrappers to ImageMagick. I need to recreate this in PIL. I dont want to use a traditional mask. Does PIL have sufficient capability to reproduce this effect?

Original in ImageMagick:

I'm pretty familiar with basic ImageMagick and PIL like scaling and line drawing, but this example is on the complex side. Are there any PIL experts capable of assisting?

The ImageMagick source

# merge "mask 'n' paint" images with a gray image,
# to create a "lighting mask"
convert -size 90x90 xc:gray50 -alpha set \
      badge_mask.png -compose DstIn -composite \
      badge_shading.png -compose Over -composite \

# Apply the single "lighting mask"
convert thumbnail.gif -alpha set -gravity center -extent 90x90 \
      badge_lighting.png \
      \( -clone 0,1 -alpha Opaque -compose Hardlight -composite \) \
      -delete 0 -compose In -composite \

input RGB imageA (likely jpg)

input RGBA imageB (png file - greyscale or channels will be converted to)

output RGBA resultimage (png file)

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This may not be exactly what imagemagick does, but the result is very similar. I transformed badge template pixel values using function (transparent_when_gray) to create alpha mask which is totally transparent for 127 (which is "base" color of the badge template) and more opaque as the value gets bigger or smaller. Then I use this alpha-mask to composite the badge template and source image.

import Image, ImageChops, ImageOps

def transparent_when_gray(x):
    return 255 if x == 127 else 255 - 2 * abs(127 - x)

def mk_badge(img, template):
    templ = template.convert('RGBA')
    r, g, b, alpha = templ.split()
    gray = ImageOps.grayscale(Image.merge('RGB', (r, g, b)))
    amask = gray.point(transparent_when_gray)

    res = ImageChops.composite(img, templ, amask)
    return res

if __name__ == '__main__':
    image    ='thumbnail.gif')
    template ='badge_lighting.png')

    image_cropped =, template.size)

    badge = mk_badge(image_cropped, template)'badge.png')
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