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I've been able to deploy my application to azure successfully until recently. Before my latest deployment, I added a few .less to the project. When I deployed the project with the added files, they didn't show up in the Contents directory of the remote site, while all other udpates were made.

Any ideas?

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Never mind.

Here's the diff in the .csproj file:

-    <None Include="Content\less_file1.less" />
-    <None Include="Content\less_file2.less" />
+    <Content Include="Content\less_file1.less" />
+    <Content Include="Content\less_file2.less" />

Don't know why adding existing files to the content directory won't make the above change automatically. Am I adding files the wrong way here? Why would it say None instead of Content? I don't think this has happened to me before. I don't want to make such changes manually in the future!

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Just right click on the .less file and go to its properties. Change the Build Action to Content. Hope this helps.

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Right click on file you added and set 'Copy to Output Directory' as 'Copy always.

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