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.gitignore file not ignoring

I checked out a big repo and worked on it for a day which created lot of temp files. When I cloned the repo, I forgot to add .gitignore to it. So, now I see lot of temp files. I added my .gitignore to the root directory. Also copied the same rules to /.git/info/exclude. Still I see the same set of files. Am I doing some stupid mistake?


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did you untrack those temp files after adding the .gitignore?

from github,

Note that git will not ignore a file that was already tracked before a rule was added to this file to ignore it. In such a case the file must be un-tracked, usually with git rm --cached filename

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worked. Thanks. –  agent.smith Jul 27 '12 at 18:02

To first remove the cached contents

git rm -r --cached

then add and push

git add .

git push
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