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I am writing a program which is supposed to connect to a remote server with ssh and provide the user with a shell terminal.

I've tried JSch and sshj -- both can connect properly but just hooking up the input/output streams of their shell channels to System.in and System.out produces funky output. I know why--the documentations for both JSch and sshj say that they don't have terminal emulation built in so the in/output is ugly. (sshj calls this implementation a "rudimentary PTY," which I suppose it is!)

I also have a selection of terminal emulators: JTerm, DragonConsole, and Terminator.

My goal is to start a terminal emulator window and do something similar to plugging the in/output streams from the shell channel in to the emulator. I am prepared for it to be more complicated than that, but I haven't been able to find any help. Maybe I just suck at Google.

Alternatives like suggesting a way for me to process in/output to/from the shell channel myself to get rid of the junk characters would be appreciated as well--that's the main problem. I just assume terminal emulation is the easiest way(?).

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Here is the sshj "rudimentary PTY"

And here's the JSch version

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JCTerm has implemented a terminal emulator. Its source code is available at https://github.com/ymnk/jcterm , and you can try its online-demo at http://wiredx.net/jcterm/ .

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