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I have a very specific issue...

I have 2 rails apps:

  • App 1 makes a request to App 2 and gets a valid JSONP response.
  • App 2 has been outfitted with Rack JSONP Middleware so it returns with the correct wrapped callback (i.e. JQuery1919191([{[{"find_item":{"geo_lon":-74....etc)

For some reason App 1 throws the following error in javascript console:

JSONP Error: parsererror Error: jQueryXXXXXX was not called.

It works fine, however, when testing this in a non-rails context. See my fiddle for an example: This code (that works in this example) is the exact same code I'm using in my rails app.

What I'm confused about is HOW am I supposed to configure App 1 (the receiving app) to handle an incoming JSONP resuqest properly. I'm convinced it must be something with Rails, as calling this from a generic page, served in Apache, works fine.

Please HELP!

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It turns out that there are (for whatever reason) subtleties in the way the rails app (App 1) seems to process the incoming request. I modified my approach, which was to render the JSON response in my controller with:

respond_to :json

def json_result

@blah = [stuff from database]

respond_with @blah


methods (recommended with the Rack JSON Middlware approach, and restored my JSON response to:

render :json => @find_results, :callback => params[:callback]

The difference here is an odd one. The rails app JSONP call will only succeed if I execute the response like this:

success: callbackFunction

and NOT

success: function(){//do stuff}

However, the latter example works in the JS fiddle. Weird. I guess it's just some kinda formatting discrepancy in Rails 3+.

Anyway, hope this was helpful to anyone who comes across it!

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