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I want cancel AlarmManager which define a service,in this service might start a new AlarmManger or cancel alarm that defined before.And I know the params pendingintent in alarmManager.cancel(PendingIntent),must be the same.compare with filterEquals(Intent other) but It still not work.cancel failed. here is my code

public class GetRoundStroe {
    private Store[] stores;
    private Context mContext;

    public GetRoundStroe(Context mContext) {
        this.mContext = mContext;

    public Store[] getStores() {
        if (ComCommand.haveInternet(mContext)) {
        } else {
        return stores;

    public Store[] start_am_silence() {

        long firstTime = SystemClock.elapsedRealtime();

        AlarmManager am = (AlarmManager) mContext.getSystemService(Context.ALARM_SERVICE);

        if (AlarmHolder.mAlarmNormal != null) {


                firstTime, TestSwitch.getInstance().getSilence_time(), AlarmHolder.mAlarmSilence);

        return null;


    public Store[] start_am_normal() {

        long firstTime = SystemClock.elapsedRealtime();

        AlarmManager am = (AlarmManager) mContext.getSystemService(Context.ALARM_SERVICE);

        if (AlarmHolder.mAlarmSilence != null) {
                firstTime, TestSwitch.getInstance().getNormal_time(), AlarmHolder.mAlarmNormal);

        return null;

    private static final class AlarmHolder {
        static final PendingIntent mAlarmSilence = PendingIntent.getService(ApplicationContext.getInstance(),
                new Intent(ApplicationContext.getInstance(), GetRoundSilenceService.class),

        static final PendingIntent mAlarmNormal = PendingIntent.getService(ApplicationContext.getInstance(),
                0, new
                Intent(ApplicationContext.getInstance(), GetRoundNormalService.class),


GetRoundSilenceService and GerRoundNormalService invoke start_am_normal() or start_am_silence; Anyone could help me? thanks

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   myIntent = new Intent(SetActivity.this, AlarmActivity.class);
   pendingIntent = PendingIntent.getActivity(CellManageAddShowActivity.this,
       id, myIntent, PendingIntent.FLAG_UPDATE_CURRENT);

These lines of code surely can help you remove/cancel the pending intent and alarm.

The main thing that you will need is:

  1. Create pending intent with the same id and appropriate intent FLAG.
  2. Cancel that pending intent.
  3. Cancel the alarm using alarm manager.
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I'll try.thank you –  Albert.Qing Jul 27 '12 at 7:23
+1 greatoo Man... –  hotveryspicy Jan 29 '13 at 8:58
perfect answer, both pendingIntent.cancel() and alarmanager.cancel(pendingIntent) need to be called to "completely" cancel the pendingIntent –  Soham Feb 20 '14 at 23:43
@MKJParekh why not this? PendingIntent.FLAG_CANCEL_CURRENT –  likejiujitsu Apr 13 '14 at 11:02
@likejiujitsu Actually we are creating PendingIntent so we can cancel it we are not creating for any other use. So that's our only need. Now the flag you suggested :- PendingIntent.FLAG_CANCEL_CURRENT This flag suggests that The PendingIntent object you are creating currently will not be created if any other pending intent object available with the same id. In our case there will be always a object available to so new object will not be created and the previous one will be assigned to this object. So Yes we can use that flag also, I am sure it will work fine. –  MKJParekh Apr 22 '14 at 7:23

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