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Qt5 has a nice class for working with webcam: QCamera, but on windows directshow plugin don't compile by default.

I compiled this plugin and used in my application, but I faced difficulties.

I use ManyCam for emulate two webcams. This program has setting named "output resolution" with "default" item. When I'm selecting any of resolution in this list, then plugin writes: "Failed to render stream. Error E_FAIL". When I'n selecting "default" that's ok, but resolution is 320x240.

Code can found here: dscamerasession.cpp

I think these functions are responsible for my case:

bool DSCameraSession::createFilterGraph() (line 659)

bool DSCameraSession::openStream() (line 963)

When I change

hr = pBuild->RenderStream(&PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE, &MEDIATYPE_Video, pCap, NULL, pSG_Filter);


hr = pBuild->RenderStream(&PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE, &MEDIATYPE_Video, pCap, NULL, NULL);

in function bool DSCameraSession::openStream() my application opens two window with high resolution and there's no render stream error.

How can I change this code for working with QCamera with high resolution and without "render stream" error?

(I know that Qt5 is still pre-beta, but I think simply solution must be.)

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I don't know about DS, but is this plugin designed for QCamera? I saw that QCameraViewfinder should be used with QCamera to render, while the plugin seemes based on QMediaService. –  liuyanghejerry Aug 26 '12 at 1:35

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