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I have the following

var invest401_2 = $("input[type=hidden][name=invest401_2]").val();  
var invest401_3 = $("input[type=hidden][name=invest401_3]").val();  
var invest401_4 = $("input[type=hidden][name=invest401_4]").val();  
var invest401_5 = $("input[type=hidden][name=invest401_5]").val();  

var invest401_0label = Math.round(((invest401_0/balance401)* percent401kb));    
var invest401_1label = Math.round(((invest401_1/balance401)* percent401kb));    
var invest401_2label = Math.round(((invest401_2/balance401)* percent401kb));    
var invest401_3label = Math.round(((invest401_3/balance401)* percent401kb));    
var invest401_4label = Math.round(((invest401_4/balance401)* percent401kb));
var invest401_5label = Math.round(((invest401_5/balance401)* percent401kb));


Having the count total - ex. 5

How do a throw this into a for each loop.

I tried but didnt work.

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Try this

var invest401_label = [];
var invest401 = [];
    invest401[i] = var invest401_2 = $("input[type=hidden][name=invest401_"+i+"]").val();
    invest401_label[i] = Math.round(((invest401[i]/balance401)* percent401kb));
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Take a look at $.each.

If you add a class to this elements $("input[type=hidden][name=invest401_2]").val(); you can get them as an array and use each.

If you add a class named elements. Use the following example.

$('.elements').each(function(i, element) {
    var invest = $(element).val();
    $(element).val(Math.round((invest/balance401)* percent401kb));


var $elements = $('.elements');
for(var i in $elements) {
    var element = $elements[i];
    element.val(Math.round((element.val()/balance401)* percent401kb));
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Assuming there is only #invest401_0 - 5

    $(this).text(Math.round((($("input[type=hidden][name=""]").val()/balance401)* percent401kb))+'%');


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One line code ? :/ – Ricardo Alvaro Lohmann Jul 27 '12 at 4:04

Although this may not work ( I'm currently writing this from an ie8 machine) this /should/ do what you want correctly and replaces all of the code you have there

for (i = 0; i < $('.hiddenelems').size(); i++) {
    $('.hiddenelems:eq('+i+')').text(Math.round((($('.hiddenelems:eq('+i+')').val()/balance401)* percent401kb))+'%');
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