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I'm confused to using round function in PHP, I have make some calculation function in my system using PHP, but the answer still not in rounded.

I want all the total will be in percent_complete that have been rounded.

Can someone help me to fixed this code? this is original code..

<?php echo $row_sr1['percent_complete'] = ($row_sr1['partial_complete'] + $row_sr1['full_complete']) / $row_sr1['appt_today'] * 100;?>

and here is code that I've try to rounded but unsuccessful.

<?php echo round($row_sr1['percent_complete']),2 = ($row_sr1['partial_complete'] + $row_sr1['full_complete']) / $row_sr1['appt_today'] * 100;?>
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Your round function is in the wrong place.

  echo $row_sr1['percent_complete'] =
           ($row_sr1['partial_complete'] + $row_sr1['full_complete']) /
             $row_sr1['appt_today'] * 100,
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thanks so much fella.. –  mastersuse Jul 27 '12 at 8:22

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