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I am stuck with a query to compare the current date with date stored in access database table in the given format 7/25/2012

I am using this query:

Sql = "SELECT max(token_today)
FROM token
WHERE issue_date = #" & FormatDateTime(Now,    DateFormat.ShortDate) & "#"

and I am getting the error below:

conversion from string ** to type 'Integer' is not valid.

Please tell me how to compare the date. Thank You!

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If you wish to compare today's date, there is no need for an external reference:

Sql = "SELECT max(token_today) FROM token WHERE issue_date = Date()"

This saves all sorts of problems with locale, as well.

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i think this should work:

"SELECT max(token_today) FROM token WHERE issue_date = #" & FormatDateTime(Now,"YYYY/MM/DD") & "#"
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