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I'm having a problem with the newest version of compass (0.12.2) and sass (3.1.20) where the vertical alignment mixins are not taking effect. When trying to validate the generated css with compass validate, it fails on the compass/reset include, as well as the border-radius mixin among others.

The code for the scss file in question can be found here in this gist. The errors I receive on validation are here. To see what the website looks like, go to The vertical spacing should be 1.5x, but it looks to be 1x.

Basically, I don't see some of the code. It worked before I upgraded my compass and sass gems. Can anyone help me get back to fully functional compass/sass stylesheets?

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Ah, I found the answer. I was using a mixin "establish-baseline" inside the html block when the mixin source uses the html block itself. Essentially, I was doing this:

html {
    html {...} // Mixin

Lesson learned: always read the source of functions/mixins that you use before using them.

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